Project Comet : User Experience Design with Real Data

UX Design and prototype websites and mobile apps will be faster than ever with Project Comet. Coming in early 2016 from Adobe. Project Comet is a brand new design tool that allows you to design and prototype in a single tool.

I heard about Project Comet from Adobe MAX Conference and as a UX Designer I just love it. Its new Sketch-rivalling UX design tool. Right now Sketch is best tool for UX Design and Prototype but sadly only for Mac user.

If you’ve ever designed an mobile app or a web site, chances are good that you’ve had to make rows and columns of similarly constructed but with different labels, images, avatars, text fields etc.

This problem has been solved imperfectly through smart objects but its so much pain for me to repeat same thing again and again. What if they could minimize this steps down to just two or three?

So here comes Repeat Grid, a feature built into Project Comet that lets designers create one set of elements — like a text and image box — and then copy it again and again, as needed.

Project Comet

Repeat Grid also solves another key problem: selection. Selecting a single item in a Repeat Grid affects all repeated instances of that item. This means that if you have a list of twenty names, you can flow it onto the design canvas after selecting a single text item in a Repeat Grid. No need to select each instance of text one by one.

Now here are some examples of real data usage in Comet

Built-in Realistic Sample Content


Data from your text file system


Data from Google Sheets


Live Data from Web



Looking forward to see the preview of Project Comet in early 2016. I hope it will minimize my repeat work so i can spend more time and focus on designing.

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