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4 Reasons Why Pokémon Go isn’t Just a Fad

4 Reasons Why Pokémon Go isn’t Just a Fad

With the arrival of Niantic’s new augmented-reality massive multiplayer online game, the whole gaming and industrial world was taken by storm, here are a few reasons why Pokémon Go isn’t just a fad, but is here to stay:

1. The Nostalgia

Since the first Pokémon episode was aired in 1997, we’ve all wished we could become Pokémon trainers just like Ash Ketchum, traveling the whole world catching Pokémon and battling gyms to become the very best; Pokémon Go is the closest we’ve gotten so far to achieving those dreams, each time I’d pick my phone and move throughout the streets, it’s nothing but nostalgia and excitement of finally becoming a Pokémon trainer!

2. More Exciting Updates to Come

Even though Pokémon Go was released only about a month ago, Niantic has already promised us with much more exciting features to come such as: Pokémon battles and trading, new ways to interact with gyms and pokestops, new generation of Pokémon (six more generations to go!), and according to the game trailer, mass events to catch the legendary Pokémon : Mewtwo, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno!

According to Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, when it comes to gyms and pokestops, they’re still in their “very most basic versions,” but later we’ll be able to “customize their functions in other ways.”

3. The Game’s Community

If there’s one thing that’s truly amazing about the Pokémon go community, it’s its diversity; people of all ages, sexes, and cultural background play the game, whether they’re casual gamers or hardcore ones.

To some of the younger fans, the game is all about throwing a Pokeball at Pokémon and maybe hatching some eggs; however if you’ve been keeping up with the game’s online community, some more hardcore gamers found ways to know more about how strong a Pokémon really is through some hidden stats called IV’s, or individual values; others even found ways to know the exact locations of certain Pokémon , such as the recent Pokevision, this was all done using data-mining techniques.

4. The Augmented Reality

One of Pokémon Go’s best aspects is its AR (Augmented Reality) aspect, which not so many games use so far.

However, with the game’s huge success, proving that such an aspect might be quite important in the future of the gaming industry, also proving that the stigma that gamers tend to be lazy and not outgoing to be mostly false, more AR games are sure to follow; yet, Pokémon Go would still be the first AR game to have such a success and popularity.


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